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OT-1 Open Tune 3790
OBD-II CAN Interface
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The Innovate OT-1 Open Tune ODB-II CAN interfaces allow high-speed data logging from the factory computer OBD-II interface of any car, truck, or SUV made since 1996. More and more people are tuning their late model cars, trucks, and SUVs and need a tool that offers full scanning and diagnostic capabilities. The Innovate OT-1 Open Tune ODB-II CAN interfaces offer just that, combining affordability and ease of use with professional-quality data rates, parameter selections, and analysis capabilities. Modern car computers are connected to hundreds of complex sensors, and these interfaces provide unprecedented access to data being measured directly by these sensors. Users can select up to 16 channels from hundreds of available data streams and log the data 12 times per second. Users can also record up to 28 conditions, states, and codes as status channels and even reset check engine lights and other trouble codes. Maintain reliability and optimize performance with one of these Innovate OT-1 Open Tune ODB-II CAN interfaces.
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